Jae Rang
Jae M. Rang has enjoyed a life-long passion for peak performance and self-development.

Succeed Deliberately

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As Founder and Chief Inspiring Officer of the award-winning promotional marketing firm JAE associates Ltd., Jae is a leader in the field of influencing behavioural change through sensory media.

Jae has studied universal principals, the workings of the mind and human behaviour for over 25 years which led to her writing a weekly blog – Aha! Moment Mondays – inspirational shifts in perspective. Jae is a formal athlete, certified speaker, the author of SENSORY MEDIA: Discover the Way to Anchor your Brand and Be Memorable, 50 Simple Ways to Increase Brand Awareness and the Aha! Moment Journal, a Strategist and Mom.

Jae invests most of her time creating marketing strategies, teaching, learning, writing, volunteering, parenting and “…being the best me I can be”, and when she’s missing in action, you’ll likely find her on a golf course. “Succeed deliberately!”

Succeed deliberately!
Jae M. Rang, MAS
Strategist, Speaker, Author, Mom

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