Sharon riegie maynard
Sharon Riegie Maynard, taught by those in the Unseen Worlds of Spirit, calls herself a Mystic Shawoman.

Removing the Cause of Humanity’s Wounding, Empowering Women in Leadership, and Designing a Culture of Peace

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She has been honored to bring forth information to transform the “cause” of humanity’s wounding. Working since 1971 to access what is unseen, she has assisted thousands to make real changes in their lives.

Convinced that women are those with stewardship to designate values, design systems, and oversee Cultures of Good, Sharon has worked to empower women in their leadership in alignment to the Original Male-Female Paradigm. She is the founder of the TAG Matrix Healing System, a divinely inspired Spiritual Path to our Oneness of Soul. She sponsored the first Women’s Grassroots Congress in March 2012 and is now watching how the new movement of women indicates the Awakening of the Divine Missions of both Female and Male

Sharon is a published author. Her first book is Remembering Earth Mission, from The Ancient Ones, Keepers of Galactic Secrets. Her second book, Heeding the Cries of Your Children, The Ancient Ones Give Warning, has just been published.

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