Dr. Constance d’Angelis
Trailblazer. First woman hired by a Fortune 500 company; middle linebacker for the Toledo Troopers Women’s Professional Football team; author of the Philosophy/Sociology award-winning book The 7 Laws of Inner Peace; creator of continuing education programs.

Mindfulness Magnetizes Success - The 7 Laws of Winning

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The Institute for Peaceful Solutions helps people peacefully resolve conflict and enhance their consciousness in the process. It also offers health advocacy and coaching based on The 7 Laws of Inner Peace. Training and certification are available.

The 7 Laws establish the basis for seven forms of mediation to resolve strife and suffering through mindful, consciousness enhancement mediation techniques. MediatorConstance@gmail.com

Constance produces Continuing Legal and Mediation Education programs; and as founder of the Institute for Peaceful Solutions provides services for those seeking relief from personal, business, health, end of life, and law-related issues.

Juris Doctor: Stetson University
B.S. pre-medical curriculum, cum laude: University of Toledo
Author: The 7 Laws of Inner Peace
Mindfulness Magnetizes Success

Coach: Health, Practice Solutions. Law firms, attorneys, paralegals, staff.
AnytimeCLE.com – Legal Education
Mortgage Modification Mediation – FLMB.USCOURTS.GOV

Contact Information:
Address: P.O. Box 4338
Pagosa Springs
CO 81157
Text/Voice: 813-373-8004

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